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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q - Do I need to know the rules of the game?

    • A - No. At your first meeting you will receive a rule book and a case scenario book that are yours to keep. Part of what we do during meetings is go over the rules and help answer any questions you may have. We also try to include situations.

  • Q - What kind of training will I receive?

    • A - On top of the rules meeting, rookie/new officials meet early so that we can talk about mechanics, where to stand, what to look for, etc. We also pair you up with veteran officials during games such as grid kids and sub-varsity games so that you have someone helping you.​

  • Q - What does it cost to get started?

    • A - ​To get started you need a whistle, yellow flag, bean bag, uniform top, pants and black shoes. All of this can be purchased through the association. The cost of the equipment you purchase is taken out of your game checks over time so it doesn't have to be a one time big cost. You can get shoes from anywhere but they must be mostly black and we encourage something along the lines of a turf shoe as the grass can get slippery as the season goes into the late fall.

  • Q - Are the dues to be a part of the association?

    • A - Yes. By joining the association you will pay dues to the YVFOA as well as the WOA which also includes a membership in NASO. Through the WOA and NASO you receive ​benefits such as liability insurance, L & I coverage in case you are hurt during a game, access to many resources to become a better official as well as a pass to all WIAA State Championship games for the entire year. The total cost is approx. $115 but again, they are taken out over time so pay them off a little as you go through the season.

  • Q - How much money could I earn as an official?

    • A - That is based on how many games you work in a week. The pay for sub-varsity games (includes grid kids, junior high, freshmen and j.v.) ranges from $35-$48 per game. Grids kids play on Saturdays and there are typically 4 games a day so if you worked all three games it would be over $120 for the day. Other sub-varsity games happen typically during the week and it is possible to work 2-4 of them during the week depending on your schedule.

  • Q - What time do games typically start?

    • A - Grid kid games begin at 9am followed by 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Junior High games typically begin at 4pm. High School sub-varsity games begin between 5-5:30pm depending on the league. Varsity games begin at 7pm.

  • Q - Will I work a high school varsity game right away?

    • A - If it is your first year the answer is NO. If you have officiated before then it is possible after working some sub-varsity games so that your skill set can be assessed by the board. We don't want to overwhelm new officials with the speed of the game at that level. We want to train you and make sure you are ready. If you progress well then you could get a varsity game or two by the end of the season.

    •  If you are veteran from another association in the state or from another state, you can have them transfer your membership to the YVFOA and with a good recommendation then YES.

FAQs about Officiating
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