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Arbiter login - use this link to log into your Arbiter account to get game assignments, etc. This is also the link that will take you to the WOA site for tests, rule updates, etc.

Referee Magazine - use this link to access Referee Magazine online. As a member of the association you receive a subscription this resource. Check it out for sports specific mechanics, articles and quizzes to help build your knowledge of the rules of the game.

NASO - be sure to check out the National Association of Sports Officials website. Your membership to YVFOA and WOA includes a membership to NASO as well. There are lots of resources to check out that will help make you a better official.

Observer Plays of Interest

Here is a link to plays of interest for officials to view. They update these plays weekly to keep officials current on items to watch for. 

Helpful Resources

40 Second Play Clock Mechanics

One of the new rules for the 2019 season is the implementation of the 40 Second Play Clock. This will be a new mechanic for most of us. Here is some helpful information on the use of the new play clock.

40 Second Play Clock Mechanics PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentation to use and go over the mechanics for the 40/25 second play clock.

Helpful Links

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