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Here is the meeting schedule for the 2022 season 

2022 YVFOA Meeting Dates

West Valley Fire Training Center (Next to WVHS)

Apprentice Mtg 6:15pm-6:55pm & General Mtg 7:00pm-8:30pm


Tuesday – August 2nd, 2022   Expectations, Attendance & Apprentice Mtgs - Gene H

                                                       Paperwork & Availability Sheet -  Brad C

                                                       Rule 1 (The Game, Field, Players and Equipment) - Gene H

                                                       Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis - Brad C


Monday – August 8th, 2022    Rule 3 (Periods, Time Factors and Substitutions) - Todd P

                                                      Rule 4 (Ball in Play, Dead Ball and Out of Bounds) - Blake W

                                                      Rule 5 (Series, # of Downs, Team Possession After Penalty) - Blake S


Monday – August 15th, 2022  Rule 6 (Kicking the Ball and Fair Catch) - Andrew B 

                                                      Rule 7 (Snapping, Handing and Passing the Ball) - Jim P

                                                      Rule 8 (Scoring Plays and Touchbacks) - Will G


Thursday – August 18th, 2022  Rule 9 (Conduct of Players and Others) - Craig L

                                                      4-Man Mechanics and Review Field Signals - Brad C


Monday – August 22nd, 2022   Rule 2 (Definitions of Playing Terms) - Sal C

                                                      Officials Code of Conduct - Craig L

                                                      Using Arbiter/Grid Kid Assignments - Brad C


Monday – August 29th, 2022   Rule 10 (Enforcement of Penalties) – Brad C

                                                      5-Man Mechanics, Pre Game, Coverage Areas, Whistle Responsibilities

                                                      and Official NFHS Signals – Gene H & Brad C


Tuesday – August 30th, 2022    BUSINESS MEETING @ 7:00pm 




Tuesday – September 13th, 2022  Review of Mechanics, Rules and Play Situations


Tuesday – September 20th, 2022  Review of Mechanics, Rules and Play Situations


Tuesday – October 4th, 2022         Board Nominations, Review Mechanics, Rules and Play Situations


Wednesday – October 19th, 2022 Board Elections, Play Situations and Pizza Party @ Round Table Pizza

2022 Meeting Dates



Currently the focus on recruiting new officials. If you are interested or know anyone that might please reach out to the association. 

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